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Last updated: 16/08/2022

Face to face clinics are currently closed

Clinic August 2022 week 03
Clinic August 2022 week 04
Clinic August 2022 week 05
Clinic September 2022 week 0
Clinic September 2022 week 02
Clinic September 2022 week 03
Clinic September 2022 week 04
Clinic October 2022 week 01
Clinic October 2022 week 02
Clinic October 2022 week 03

If I am not available for urgent medical appointments 

please choose my colleagues or the NHS


Clementine Churchill

Dr Bangalore, Dr Hyer, Dr Massoud



St John’s Paediatric Centre

Dr Hyer, Dr Coren, Dr Noimark, Dr Kapila, Dr Alexandrou

or call Urgent Care Centre to check whether they can see your child



Portland Hospital

Dr Massoud, Dr Alexandrou



Dr Ehmed Jadou

Syon Clinic