from Jan 2024

£250 New patient or new complaint outpatient appointment (30 min)

£240 Follow up appointment for recent complaint (30 min = standard)

£135 Follow up appointment (15 min = on specific request)

£110 Vaccination appointment without consultation (not including the cost for the vaccine itself)
£60 Vaccination administration durning an appointment for a  consultation (not including the cost for the vaccine itself)

£300-£400 Out of hours Appointment [weekdays after 20:00 and weekends/bank holidays]

£300-£400 New patient or new complaint outpatient appointment (30-60 min)

£75-£250 additional fee for Home Visit

Telephone Clinic:
Appointments through insurance will be charged at the standard ‘face to face rate’ outlined above

£75-£200  self pay
£75 up to 10 min
£140 up to 20 min
£200 up to 30 min
£30-£90 additional fee for out of hours, weekends/bank holidays telephone consultations

Confirmed Emergency appointments and Home Visits will be charged a minimum cancellation fee of £60 and full charge if cancellation is within 3 hours of the appointment.

Normal working hours: Weekdays 08:00 - 20:00
Out of hours: Weekdays 20:00 - 08:00, Weekends and Bank Holidays


£150 blood test for COVID-19 IgG antibodies

£350 PCR: Nasal swab for extended virus panel (excluding COVID-19)

£200 Throat swab for Rapid Antigen testing for Group A Streptococcus and Culture & Sensitivity

£150 Skin swab for Monkeypox

£230 Lung function with Bronchodilator response [BDR]

£190 Lung function without Bronchodilator response [LFT]

£130 Measurement of Exhaled Nitric Oxide [FeNO]

£220 Skin prick test [SPT]

£150 Electrocardiogram [ECG]

£25 Urine Analysis [UA]

£25 blood glucose estimation [BM]

£50 Paediatric phlebotomy < = 3 years old [IBT]

£40 Paediatric phlebotomy > 3 years old [PBT]

£5-15 out of hours additional charge

£60 Prescription without consultation

£60 Medical Certificate

£65 Vaccination Record Review with recommendation (no cost if prior to a vaccination appointment)

£45 Document certification (plus £8 for each additional page)

£100 Short stay observation (up to 3 hours)

£50 monitoring during Nebulisation

£75 Emergency intravenous/intramuscular antibiotic administration

£50 Vaccination administration during consultations

Vaccination consultation (see Appointments)