Official testing for

Travel and Test-to-Release


From 01/01/2021 onwards only fully accredited organisations are allowed to provide Medical Certificates for outgoing travellers or for returning travellers for “Test-and-Release​”

What tests does Dr Muller offer?

Dr Muller has applied for accreditation through UKAS [United Kingdom Accreditation Service] before 31/12/2020 and can continue certifying travellers for flights and “test to release”.

Tests on offer:

(1) Official Certification for Travellers within 3 days before departure of their COVID-19 status.

(2) 5 days after arrival from abroad certification for Test-to-Release depending on COVID-19 status.


Who can book a test with Dr Muller?

The service is strictly offered on availability of testing slots.

This service is primarily offered to patients of Dr Muller.

The service is restricted to pre-booked and pre- paid appointments at:

(1) Chase Lodge Hospital

(2)  home visits in post code area: all HA, NW 2, NW 4, NW9, NW 10, UB 1, UB 4, UB 5, UB6, UB 10, WD 18, WD19, WD 23

(3) drive through place HA1 

The test will only be offered if all necessary criteria are met (see check list).

What is "Test-and-Release" exactly?

If you are returning from a country, which is currently not on the  safe ‘travel corridor list’ or in other words, is ‘on the quarantine list’,  you must self isolate for 10 days. However if you are able to provide a negative test result, which is certified by an accredited private organisation you may end self isolation after 5 days as long as you and your household members do not show any symptoms of COVID-19. There may be certain countries which are specifically excluded from ‘test-and-release’! The NHS testing service is not able to issue you with a certification, in order to avoid overloading it, as it is free for symptomatic people

Be aware that when you arrive on Monday anytime your Day 1 for self isolation will be Tuesday.

How do I count the first 5 days of self isolation?

When you arrive in the UK the first day of isolation starts on the following day irrespective of the time you arrive on a given day. For example if you arrive on a Monday at 8:00 am your Day 1 of self isolation will be Tuesday and your Day 5 for “Test and Release” which is the Saturday. You have to self-isolate until you have the official test result.

How do I book a certified COVID test with Dr Muller:

Covid testing will be done by Dr W Muller in dedicated sessions at Chase Lodge Hospital  or by pre-booked home visits in the post code area all HA, NW 2, NW 4, NW9, NW 10, UB 1, UB 4, UB 5, UB6, UB 10, WD 18, WD19, WD 23  

1.  Fill in your Passenger locator form and print – save an electronic version

2. Contact official Covid Testing via email:  with the day you need the test.

3. Once you have received a return email that there are testing slots available please provide all relevant information.

4. If you do not receive a confirmation email then there are no more available slots on that day.

5. Once you have received a confirmation that your details are complete you must arrange pre-payment before the appointment.

6. Once payment has been confirmed the test will be arrange at the agreed location.

7. You must provide confirmation of identity with a passport for all people tested at the time of testing. 


Regular patients of Dr Muller can have the tests following consultation but must be pre-arranged.

Are there other places I can have a test?

The government has published list of providers which are currently recognised.

We ar happy to provide information below on alternative private organisations.

This service is not offered by the NHS in order to concentrate on emergencies.


How long does the test result take?

The Test is a “Near-Patient-Test” also known as “Lateral Flow Test” or “Point of Care Test” [POCT] and takes 15-30 minute depending on the kit used.

How much does it cost?

The test costs £150 per person including the certification.

For home testing the test costs £190 per person.

Once the test has been booked the full amount will be charged  if no proof of ID is provided and therefore no certification can be issued.

The full amount of fee is charged for unclear (indeterminate) and positive results.

Check list for Travellers applying for Certification by Dr Muller:

1. Can you come to Chase Lodge Hospital  or do you live in the post code area all HA, NW 2, NW 4, NW9, NW 10, UB 1, UB 4, UB 5, UB6, UB 10, WD 18, WD19, WD 23 ?

2.  Do you have an electronic version of your Passenger locator form in advance of your appointment?

3. Are there available test slots on the day you need the test?

4. Have you filled in the Registration form with ALL details?

5. Have you had a confirmation email that your test can go ahead?

6. Can you bring passports for all people tested at the time of the appointment?