Please note that a certificate is only issued if all necessary information is provided.

Once the test is booked you will be still charged the full amount even if no certification can be issued due to missing information.

Covid tests for travellers

There are different types of tests available:

When you enter the UK from specific countries and you want to shorten your self-isolation (quarantine) form 10 to 5 days

If you leave the UK and have to provide an government approved certification of your OVID-19 status

When you meet other households (relatives) and want to check whether you carry SARS-CoV-2 in your upper airways but do not need an official certificate

What information do you need to provide?

You need:
Passenger Locator Form from Government website
Complete the Registration Form for Dr W Muller Ltd (online below or word file)
Passport for all group members
Proof of pre-payment

Sending the Forms to Dr W Muller Ltd

Providing all the evidence:

Option 1: upload your Passenger Locator Form together with the word version of the Registration Form via secure link:


Option 2: upload the Passenger Locator Form via secure link and fill in the Registration Form online below:


Option 3: email the Passenger Locator Form and the Registration Form to 


Option 4: email the Passenger Locator Form to and fill in the Registration Form online below: