Home Visits

Information on home visits

Home Visits

Under certain circumstances Dr Muller offers home visits. Please contact Dr Muller’s PA to arrange. Please note that all home visits require pre-payment unless specifically indicated otherwise by Dr Muller or his administration.

Please be aware that the agreement for a home visit is with Dr Muller LTD directly and not with any of the hospitals he is working with. An agreement form has to be completed for every visit. Any necessary tests are provided through Dr W Muller LTD and not by the hospitals Dr Muller is associated with. This is because no agreement has been signed with them for that visit. 

Please be aware a possible outcome or recommendation may be that you should be seen in an Emergency Department for further tests or a period of observation.

Home visits are time consuming for the doctor and not all presentations or illnesses are suitable for a review at home. 

The following areas are suitable for a home visit by Dr W Muller:

All HA postcodes

NW 2, NW 4, NW9, NW 10

UB 1, UB 4, UB 5, UB6, UB 10

WD 18, WD19, WD 23


Conditions for home visits

1. Please check availability and suitability for a home visit with Dr Muller’s PA.

2 The costs for home visits are listed on Dr Muller’s Fee Page.

3. Please provide a completed registration form (download registration form here and find instructions how to complete here)

4. The form can be emailed or securely uploaded using an end-to-end encryption service (find instructions here

5.  Agree a suitable time period for the home visit. Please note that Dr Muller may only be able to give you a time range for the planned visit. Dr Muller may call you in advance to get further history to ensure the appointment is suitable. If a home visit is not suitable you may be charged for a telephone consultation instead.

6. Please be aware that once a home visit or emergency appointment is agreed a cancellation fee will incur.

7. Even for insured patients, the costs for a home visit has to be paid in full and in advance unless specifically instructed by Dr Muller .

8. For patient who use insurance cover please state that this will be a home visit and the costs will include “a consultation fee and home visit charge”. This can be combined on the invoice to one total ‘consultation fee’. This does not involve additional tests or treatment.

9. Additional tests will be charged separately and must be paid via credit card or debit card a the time of the visit. For insured patients you should clarify with your insurance company that the tests will be covered as they will be charged through Dr W Muller Ltd and not any of the hospitals Dr Muller is working with. Please find a list of common tests performed and the costs on Dr Muller’s Fee Page.